Train Number 44

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Train Number 44-Lee Green
Lee Green, piano, singing and vocal asides, Roosevelt Sykes, spoken commentary


Spoken, Lee Green: Why, hello there, Roosevelt
Spoken, Roosevelt Sykes: Why, hello there, Lee Green, why, how you got 'em this morning?
Spoken, Lee Green: Aw, pretty good, boy, I don't feel so good.
Spoken, Roosevelt Sykes: Well, I know 'bout the reason you don't feel so good. Because I seed your gal catch that Number 44 train this morning. And I just about know 'bout how you feel it, you oughta feel just about well enough to pick me them Number 44 Blues down to a [gravy?]
Spoken, Lee Green: Well, I'll pick 'em for you, boy, 'cause I've kind of got 'em myself. Doggone it!

I heard my babe left this morning on the train Number 44
Lord, my babe left this morning, on the train Number 44
Ah, she says, "I'm billed out, sweet papa, and your sweet mama bound to go."

SOLO (Spoken during solo, Roosevelt Sykes: Oh, I know about how your case is, you see. A sort of a fine-lookin' gal like that a-walk out on you, 'cause, thing about it, she don't exactly know who you is!
Spoken, Lee Green: Well, she been with me long enough to find out who I was.
Spoken, Roosevelt Sykes: Yeah, but I 'bout know your case is very sad.
Spoken, Lee Green: Well, I know one thing: I ain't gon' let nothin' worry me like it has been. Nice as I was to her.
Roosevelt Sykes: Not much!
Spoken, Lee Green: No? Well, I'm gon' sing a verse.)

That is a mean old fireman, cruel old engineer
Was a mean old fireman, cruel old engineer
That doggone 44 train, that carried my baby 'way from here

SOLO (Spoken during solo, Roosevelt Sykes: Boy, and I mean she was a fine-lookin' kid, too, that's what's worryin' you. If she had've been some little ol' tacky gal it wouldn't have worried you, but she's a fine-lookin' flower, sure as you a foot high.
Spoken, Lee Green: Boy, you think I ain't a fine-lookin' guy! Well, I never had a woman to walk out on me before.
Spoken, Roosevelt Sykes: Well, I'm gonna pick you up, so so long!)

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