Tooten Out Blues

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Tooten Out Blues - Ed Bell (Sluefoot Joe)
duet w/ Clifford Gibson on piano

You used to be my sugar, but you ain't sweet no, mamlish more
Used to be my sugar, you ain't sweet no more
You got another joker hangin' 'round your door

Say, I know my baby swears on all of, mamlish me
I know my baby thinks the world and all of me
'Cause every time she grin she shine her light on me

SPOKEN BY BELL DURING PIANO SOLO: Play that thing, Mr. Clifford! [It is feelin' mistreated!]

Talkin' 'bout your rider but you just ought to see, mamlish mine
You talkin' about your woman, just ought to see mine
She's a long, tall woman and she toot way out behind

She ain't so good lookin', she ain't got no great long, mamlish hair
She ain't so good-lookin' she got no great long hair
She ain't got nar' gold teeth, you can't find her anywhere

Well, she stood on the corner between 25th and, mamlish Main
She stood on the corner between 25th and Main
And a blind man saw her and a dumb man called her name

And the dumb man asked her, said, "Who's your regular, mamlish,be?"
Dumb man asked her, said, "Who's your regular be?"
And the blind man told her, said, "You sure look good to me."

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