The Wreck of the Virginian

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The Wreck of the Virginian-Blind Alfred Reed
Fiddle and vocal, Alfred Reed

Come all you brave bold railroad men and listen while I tell
The fate of E. G. Aldrich, a good man we all loved well
This man was running on a road known as Virginian Line
He was a faithful engineer and pulled his train on time

He was the oldest on the road, we always called him "Dad"
He loved his engine very much, he was the best we had
Frank O'Neill was his fireman, he was faithful, true and brave
He stayed with Dad, he died with Dad, and filled a new-made grave

It was a bright Spring morning on the twenty-fourth of May
The train crew was at Roanoke, they were feeling fine and gay
Train number three had left Roanoke en route for Huntington
These poor men did not know that they were making their last run

Dad pulled his train, a pleasing smile on his bright face did beam
He did not have to grumble, Frank sure kept him lots of steam
At eleven fifty-two that day, they just left Ingleside
An east-bound freight crushed into them, they took their farewell ride

It seems that all good engineers to duty always sticks
Dad entered into service in the year nineteen and six
He did not have to work to live, they begged him to retire
But Dad would not give his consent, to run was his desire

Dear ladies, if your husband runs an engine on the line
You may expect a message of his death most any time
For railroad men should live for God and always faithful be
Like Dad and Frank, they soon may pass into eternity

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