The Church Needs Good Deacons

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The Church Needs Good Deacons-Washington Phillips
Self-accompanied on Phonoharp and Celestaphone

Oh Stephen, he was a real good deacon
And he was a man that did love Christ
He was really full of the Holy Ghost
And he did the very things that are right

Right now, we have some real good deacons
Then we have some deacons ain't right
All on Earth some of them is fittin' for
Is to run around at night


A deacon, he must be a clean man
And he must live a mighty smooth life
He must have his children under good control
And be the husband of one wife

But, instead of being the deacon
That he really ought to be
He won't put up with one honest woman
He will try to be with two or three

A man like that, he's in a bad fix
And he thinks he's doing very well
And the Devil is got him by the hand
Just a-leadin' him, all in hell

You read Paul's letter to Timothy
Those words do us profit, very much
"If a man knows not how to take care of his own household,
Well, he can not care for God's church."


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