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Suitcase Full of Blues - Ishmon Bracey
Spanish tuning, pitched at A

Hand me down my suitcase and reach my walkin' cane, walkin' cane, Lord,
Down my suitcase, reach my walkin' cane
Lord, my [ ? ] girl quit me, catch that mornin' train

Now I thought I'd write, but I b'lieve I'll telephone, telephone, Lord,
Thought I'd write, b'lieve I'll telephone
Lord, I thought I'd write but I b'lieve I'll telephone

Now if you catch me stealin', please don't tell on me, tell on me, Lord,
Catch me stealin', please don't tell on me
'Cause I'm stealin' to my regular used-to-be

I woke up this mornin' had the blues all 'round my bed, 'round my bed, Lord,
Up this morning, blues all 'round my bed
I couldn't help but to think 'bout what my good girl said

I got a house full of trouble and got a suitcase full of blues, full of blues, Lord,
House full of trouble, suitcase full of blues
I never seen no trouble, see, 'til I start with you

Gonna leave here walkin', Lord, and talkin' to myself, to myself, Lord
Leave here walkin', talkin' to myself
I'm gonna take my baby or I'll carry somebody else

It's hard, hard, hard, I say, it's hard, hard, it's hard, Lord
Hard it's hard,babe, say it's hard, it's hard
Says a no good woman, another man got your gal

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