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Stackolee-Curtis Jones
Self-accompanied on piano


It was late, late one night, I heard my bulldog bark
He was barking at two catmen was gambling in the dark

It was Stackolee and Billy, two cats who gambled late
Stackolee, he threw seven, Billy swore he threw eight

Stackolee told Billy, "I'll let you go at that.
You done win all my money, now, brand new Stetson hat."

Stackolee went home and grabbed his .44
Says, "I'm going down to the barroom to pay this debt I owe."

Stackolee went to the barroom and stood in the barfront door
Said, "Don't nobody move", and pulled his .44


Stackolee told Billy, "Please, don't you take my life.
I've got three little children and a very poor sickly wife."

Stackolee shot Billy, and he shot that boy so bad
When the bullet went through Billy, jump on out of the path

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