Somebody's Been Talkin'

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Somebody's Been Talkin'-Blind Boy Fuller
Blind Boy Fuller, vocal and guitar in A position, standard tuning, Sonny Terry, harmonica, Bull City Red, washboard


Well-ell, well-ell, well, aw, pshaw!
Mmm, yeah, Lordy, Lordy, Lord

I hate to see that rising sun go down
It make me believe my woman's got me on my last go-round

She used to be mine, but look who's got her now
She didn't mean me no good, God knows I couldn't keep her, nohow

Well-ell, yeah-eah, well-ll, pshaw!
Mmm, Lord, Lordy, Lordy, Lord

Say, tell me, mama, who in the world been tellin' you?
You don't even treat me nothing like you used to do

Well-hell, yeah-eah, mmmm-hmm
Well, yes, Lordy, Lordy, Lord

Says it may be a week, and it could be a month or two
'Cause when I get lucky, gal, I'm comin' right back to you

Say the woman, I love, she rolls all over the bed
She got the kind of lovin' make me talk out of my head

Whoa-ho, yeah-eah, ohhhhhh, pshaw!
Mmm, yes, Lordy, Lordy, Lord

She got coal-black eyes, she got long, black curly hair
My baby got something will lead me most anywhere (Sonny: Whoa!) (Fuller, spoken: Play it for me now!)

Whoa-ho, yeah-eah, mmmm-hmm
Mmm, yeah, Lordy, Lordy, Lord


I hate to see that rising sun go down
'Cause I got the notion my woman's gone and left this town

Ah-ha, yeah-eah, welll-ll, pshaw!
Mmm, yeah, my woman's gone and left this town


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