Separatin' Blues

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Separatin' Blues-Georgia Slim
Georgia Slim, vocal and guitar in A position, standard tuning

INTRO SOLO (Yeah it's bad when your good girl done quit you,ain't got nobody)

Who's that, babe, well, knockin' at your door?
Hoo well, who's that knockin' at your door?
Well, well, it must be that other man, hoo well,well, who lives 'round there at the boogie next door

If you will let him in, I'll pack my trunk and go
Hoo well, I'll pack my trunk and go
Well, well, to see my other rider, hoo well, well, babe, many years, Lord, ago

SOLO (Spoken: Yes, I'm gettin' worried now, too)

I was as good to you, babe, as a poor boy could be
Hoo well, as a poor boy could be
Well, well, if I come back again to you, hoo well, well, baby, sing "Nearer My God, to Thee"

No use of prayin', babe, and no use of bein' sad and blue
Hoo well, no use of bein' so sad and blue
Well, well, I'm back here to tell you, hoo well, well, me and my good love is through

Well, I'm gonna leave you, babe, well, I know I'm goin' away
Hoo well, well, well, I got to go away
May I come back to you again, hoo well, in some lonesome day
Baby, pass, well, I'm goin' away

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