Rovin' Gambler

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Rovin' Gambler-George Reneau
George Reneau, vocal, guitar in G position, standard tuning and harmonica on a rack


I am a rovin' gambler, I gambled down in town
Wherever I meet with a deck of cards, I lie my money down

I had not been in Washington many more weeks than three
When I fell in love with a pretty little girl, and she fell in love with me


She took me to her parlor, she cooled me with her fan
She whispered low in her mother's ear, "I love this gambling man."

"Oh daughter, oh dear daughter, why do you treat me so,
To leave your dear old mother and with the gambler go?"


"Oh mother, my dear mother, you know I love you well,
But the love I have for the gambling man no human tongue can tell."

I've gamble down in Washington, I gambled down in Spain
I'm going down in Georgy to gamble my last game


I hear this train a-comin', a-coming around the curve
A-whistlin' and a-blowin' and strainin' every nerve

"Oh mother, oh dear mother, I'll tell you if I can,
If you ever see me comin' again, I'll be with the gamblin' man."


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