Rock Pile Blues (Br 7052)

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Rock Pile Blues - Banjo Ikey Robinson

Take me back pretty baby try me just one more time
I’ll do all I can to change your ramblin’ mind

I love you pretty baby six feet deep down in the ground
Go and tell the good Lord couldn’t love you no farther down

If it wasn’t for my baby the only girl I love
I’ll give my soul to the devil, heart to the Lord above

Oh big rock, big rock, big rock baby all your daddy can see
If I don’t make this time they’ll be pilin’ rocks on me

“Play that thing in your own way, Jimmy! Hit that thing!”
“Let me hear that freight train pullin’ that Cotton Top Mountains, boy!”

They took me to the rock pile gave me a ball and chain
Gave me a set of number and took away my name

But baby if I can pull this time I’ll see you soon again
Get off this rock pile lose my ball and chain

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