River Blues

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River Blues-Joe Callicott
E position, standard tuning


Said, my Mama told me, Daddy told me, too
Well, my Mother once told me and Daddy told me --
Says, "The brownskin women gwon be the death of you."

Says, one thing, baby, say, can't understand
Says, there's one thing, baby, I can't understand
Say, you give all my money to your no-good man

Says, I walked to my window, walked to my door
One morning, baby, walked to my window, I walked to my door
Ain't gonna never be, one woman's dog no more

Says, blues, blues is a mighty funny thing
Oh well the blues, mighty funny thing
Says, these done harmed a-many man

Says, I want that baby . . . myself
Well, I try to take my baby, keep her to my--
You don't have me, girl, you shain't have nobody else

Says, a-reelin' and a-rockin', 'most every day
Well you're a-reelin' and a-rockin', 'most every day
Says, I got to get out to give old John's Olsen hay

Says, the rooster crowed, he jumped over at mine
Oh well the rooster crowed, jumped over to mine
Well, I'm sittin' down worryin' 'bout my Crow Jane all the time


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