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Ramrod-Jesse James
Self-accompanied on piano, key of Db


Now, wake up, mama, wake up and don't sleep so sound
Give me what you promised me before you laid down
I could get my 'tuni', only thing I love
Make you weep like a willow, sling snot like a turkledove

Now, I've got a gal and the kid lives out on the hill
She got good 'tuni' and serves it at one she may will
She got good 'tuni', I'm a fool 'bout my yam-yam-yam
Get my yam-yam-yam, I'm goin' back down in Alabam'

Now, come in here, baby, and sit down in my lap
Sit one side, I forgot to tell you I had the
"Clap your hands together, Charlie, Charlie, where's you been so long?"
"I've been down in Tennessee and I couldn't stay there very long."


I got a job in freight, I was tryin' to learn how to truck
A bottle fell on me this mornin', like to busted one of my
Nuthouse for crazy folks, folks got sense don't goes there
All the friends I had, done shook hands and left there

Now, I got a gal, and the kid playin' deef and dumb
Her movements in her hip will make a dead man
Come on out my window, don't knock on my door
Ain't I done told you two, three times? Don't want you no more

Now, run here, baby, 'cause I done got kind of sick
Ain't nothin' in my stomach it's something wrong with my
Dixie Dam was a Camp in Georgia, you can't stay there very long
All the friends I had, done shook hands and gone

Now, here's a verse I don't want a soul to miss
I've been takin' a chat with a girl got to go outside and
Shut your mouth, boy! Four boys can't talk at once
And I done told you two, three times, I don't wants no junk

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