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Railroad Porter Blues - Sylvester Weaver
Sylvester Weaver: C position, standard tuning, Walter Beasley: Vestapol, slide

Hear that bell ringin'? Keeps me 'wake all night long (2)
Ain't no time for sleepin', something's always goin' on wrong

Folks keep yellin', "Rastus, pull the window down , please." (2)
"With that snow a-fallin', somebody's surely going to freeze."

Mmmmmmm. Hear how that whistle blows (2)
It's blowing like it don't have to blow no more

Shinin' shoes 'til morning, got no place to lay my head (2)
When I get through slavin', Lord, I'm almost dead

Babies start cryin', then they take me to be a nurse (2)
I gets almost drownded, then what could be worse?

Poor railroad porter hates to leave his wife at home (2)
'Cause she starts to cheatin' just as soon as he is gone

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