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Porterfield, Nolan: Jimmie Rodgers - The Life And Times Of America's Blue Yodeler


Published: 1979 University of Illinois, this ed. University of Mississippi 2007, 460 pages
ISBN 1-57806-982-3

Biography of Jimmie Rodgers, 1897-1933. Indispensable for anyone with even a passing interest in Rodgers and his music, this book digs deep. The subtitle is accurate; Porterfield paints portraits of Jimmie's times with much contextual information. This is a fascinating book for students of early recording and American music, and anyone who enjoys a good musical biography.

Pros: Discography, interviews with people who knew him, photographs. Insights into life on the railroads, traveling tent shows, mobile recording, record companies. Explores Rodger's roots, influences, fellow artists and accompanists, and his approach to music.

Cons: Details of Rodger's early life are less well known, no fault of the author but the tantalizing glimpses of his formative years leave many questions unanswered.

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