Polecat Blues

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Polecat Blues - Sylvester Weaver
Weaver: D position, standard tuning; Beasley: Vestapol, slide

I went a-huntin', took my gun and dog along
I went a-huntin', took my dog and gun along
I smelled a curious odor, knowed there was something wrong

My dog seen something pretty and run it up a dogwood tree
My dog seen something pretty, run it up a dogwood tree
But something told me, "Go 'way and let that rascal be."


I called him, "Kitty, kitty, come down from where you are at." (2)
But when he got down, I knowed that thing wasn't no cat

I went to see the gypsy, saw the hoodoo doctor too (2)
They said that polecat's on you and there is nothing I can do

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