Penitentiary Bound Blues

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Penitentiary Bound Blues - Sylvester Weaver
A position, standard tuning

Thought I was goin' to the workhouse, my heart was filled with strife (2)
But I'm goin' to the penitentiary, judge sentenced me for life

There'll be rock walls around me, burnin' sand below
There'll be rock walls around me, burnin' land below
There forever, got no other place to go

Goodbye, here's the jailer with the key (2)
Farewell to freedom, tain't no use to pity me

Gonna get my number, four-eleven forty-four (2)
Soon be an inmate, steel upon my door

Killed my triflin' woman, folks, I done commit a crime (2)
Nothin' will release me but old Father Time

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