Paul and Silas in Jail

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Paul and Silas in Jail-Washington Phillips
Self-accompanied on Phonoharp and Celestaphone

We must love, we must love, for Jesus to care for us
'Cause you ought to know in him, He is our only trust
Whatever we desire, whenever we do pray
We must have the faith and belief that He will do just what He say

Old Paul and Silas in the Phillipian jail they was both bound
'Cause you only see in Jesus, they found him close around
When the dark hours of midnight, when everything was still
Old Paul, he whispered to Silas, said, "Let's us do our Master's will."

Old Silas, he began singin', old Paul he entered in prayer
Then Heaven, it got all stirred up, and an angel met them there
And the jail doors all flew open, and the jailer thought they was all gone
And he pulled for his sword for to kill hisself, but Paul said, "Do thouself no harm."

He sprung out in the floor, and a light he wanted them to gaze
He replied to Paul and Silas, "What shall I do to be saved?"
By Paul being one of Christ's children, then, seeing the jailer woke up in a fright
And he said that, "You must believe in my savior, Jesus Christ."

I'm going home, going home, going home on the morning train
If I happen to make it too late, oh, sure Lord, won't be my aim
I'm sending up this old sinful body, oh, it's sincere prayer
Oh the place they call Heaven, I certainly wants to go there

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