Omie Wise-Roscoe Holcomb

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Omie Wise-Roscoe Holcomb
Roscoe Holcomb, vocal and banjo


It's tell me no stories, tell me no lie
It's tell me the story of little Omie Wise

I'll tell you no story, and I'll tell you no lie
It's how she was deluded by John Lewis's lie

She promised to meet him in the head of Adams's Branch
Some money he would bring her and other fine things

She flew like an eagle, to the head of Adam's Branch
No money did he bring her nor other fine things

"No money, no money, my sweetheart.", said he.
"It's hop up behind me and married we will be."

She hopped up behind him and away they did go
Down by the river where the deep water flow

"John Lewis, John Lewis, I'm 'fraid of your way.
I'm 'fraid that you will lead my poor body astray."

He beat her, he banged her, he drove her 'round and 'round
He threw her in the river, where he knew she would drown

Two boys was a-fishing all on one Sunday morn
They found little Omie's body down by the old mill pond

They threw their net around her, they carried her to the bank
They drew her from the water and laid her on a plank

So they sent for John Lewis to come to the place
They put her up before him, that he knew her face

"My name is John Lewis, my name it is not denied.
I murdered my own true lovier [sic], and her name was Omie Wise."

"You can beat me, you can bang me, for I'm the very one.
I drownded my own true lovier [sic] down by that old mill pond."

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