Ocean Wide Blues

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Ocean Wide Blues-Georgia Slim
E position, standard tuning


I'm going 'cross the ocean, going 'cross over on the other side
Well, man, I got to go there, to there where, change my luck and wife

I'm going right now, I'm goin' 'round all around
Well, I'm going down, baby, ooo well, well, see that girl on the other side

Good Lord, Good Lord, send me a injun down
Well, you can't send me a injun, ooo well, well, give me a teasin' brown

Well, the girl I love, she stays all on that other side
I'm gon' swim that ocean, ooo, well, well, see where she keep my time


I'm going today, I'm going down there every way
Well, I'm gonna see that good brown, ooo well, well, if I have to go I'll never stay

Well, she's up this morning, she left me holding hands
Well, when she went and left me, ooo well, well, she left with that other man

My broad, my broad, tell me what you going to do
Well, you used to love me, ooo well, well, now you gon' say that you love me true


I'm going away, come back in someday
Well, I love you, baby, ooo well, well, seem like gon' steal away

Well, babe, well, babe, I see now what that I done done
Well, you used to make me love you, ooo well, well, now you done quit my other one

Goodbye, goodbye, I know that I'm goin' away
I might see you again, ooo well, well, some old lonesome day, baby, that's the way I'm goin' away

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