New Root Man Blues

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New Root Man Blues-Georgia Slim
A position, standard tuning


Well, I'll tell you people, got another root man in town
Hoo well, got another root man's in town
Well, well, they don't be careful, hoo-well-well, they take your wife and leave town

He's a root man, and he's 'round every night
Hoo-well-well, he's 'round every night
Well, well, he's around, hoo-well-well, for another man's wife

SOLO (Spoken: Hey, you gotta be careful with that root man 'cause he done took my wife. Love a root man.

Well, I'll tell you mens, all of them crazy as that root man's in town
Hoo-well, they crazy as a root man in town
Well, well, they go 'round a-screamin', hoo-well-well, "This root man is in town."

Well, I'm goin' out, I'm goin' 'round just in town
Hoo-well, I'm goin' 'round in town
Just because I'm in love, hoo-well-well, that root man is 'bout to knock me out of town

Well, he's a careful man, and he don't care about what he do
Hoo-well, He don't care about what he do
Well, well, he take your woman, hoo-well-well, they leave town, too

Well, I ain't singin' no more just because I'm goin' out of town
Hoo-well, you know that I'm goin' out of town
Well, that root man done done damage, hoo-well-well, now your love can't be found

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