My Buddy, Blind Papa Lemon

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My Buddy, Blind Papa Lemon-King Solomon Hill
King Solomon Hill, vocal and guitar in Vestapol tuning with a slide

Mmmmmmm, said the mailman brought a misery to my head
Mmmmmmm, said the mailman brought a misery to my head
When I received a letter that my friend, Lemon, was dead

I was standin' with my friends, they would mention his name
I say, "That cruel man that you call Death done taken my boy's, his name."

And it's too sad and lonesome, all we got to go
I say when Death's comin' right back to your hand, he's knockin' on your door

I followed him, I want to know why he's lookin' so poor
Say, "I got a notice in my mind, and I sure got to go."

I got a bell, my mind, tollin' in my brain
And I got a bell of mine, tollin' in my brain
I been worryin' the whole day long, and I feel like I'm losin' steam

You can hear friends cryin', Lord, you can hear them screamin'
'Cause everybody's got to go
But it's too sad when you lose one of your best friends, and you got to take it dry, just long so

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