Mother's Last Word to Her Son

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Mother's Last Word to Her Son-Washington Phillips
Self-accompanied on Phonoharp and Celestaphone


I never can forget the day
When my dear Mother did sweetly say,
"You are leavin', my darling boy,
You always have been your mother's joy."

"Now as you leave in this world to roam
You may not be able to get back home.
But remember Jesus, who lives on high
And is watchin' over you with a mighty eye."

"The world is so full of old sin and woe
And many sorrows everywhere you go.
But remember Jesus, who's everywhere
You get in trouble now, he'll meet you there."

"If you'll bow down before his face
And trust in him for his saving grace, now,
And you have a burden, he'll make them light
And he sure will guide you all in the right."


Now when I think of my Mother dear
How often she did, and try to cheer
My wandering mind, whilst going astray,
By saying, "Son, accept the way."


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