Mistreatin' Blues

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Mistreatin' Blues-Frank Stokes
E position, standard tuning
NOTE: Frank Stokes sings the song as an 8-bar blues, but solos both 8 and 12-bar forms as indicated below.

SOLO, 8-bar

Now, you mistreat me, a-baby, drove me from your door
A-but the Good Book say, mama, "You got to reap just what you sow."

Well, if you don't want me, a-mama, you don't have to run no stall
I can find more good gals than a passenger train can haul

SOLO, 8-bar
SOLO, 12-bar

I ain't goin' by your color, woman, or neither by your good hair
A-but the treatment that you give me, baby, call me from anywhere

A-you may be brownskin, and your hair long as my arm
If you mistreat me, woman, you, sure God, lose your home

And now the short-haired woman, when they carry your troubles on
She make you think through the daytime, trouble you all night long
She make you think you're right, when you know good and well you're wrong

SOLO, 12-bar
SOLO, 8-bar

And I'm goin' to the gypsy, have my good gal's fortune told
She's got a pocket full of greenback, a mouth stuck full of gold

And it's, wonder what's the reason, a-baby, I can't rest at night
For the gal that I'm crazy about have took my appetite

SOLO, 12-bar
SOLO, first 8-bars of a 12-bar

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