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Welcome to Weeniepedia

Weeniepedia is a resource section containing country blues trivia, facts and fun; tips and tools for the country blues player; and lyrics that have been worked out collectively on Want to contribute? Please consider registering on and become a Weenie Wiki Editor.

Keys to the Highway


General artist information, lyrics pages, external links

Resources for any instrument, keys and positions for country blues repertoire, adventures in open and alternate tunings, and more

Index of all lyric pages

Groups of songs that live a rich life in the style and folklore, and for which there are many recorded versions

Bibliography, Discography, Videography and other hard copy

Weenie Juke Radio - the Best in Country Blues

Bedslats & All


Railroads, Disasters, Regions, Product Names in Country Blues songs, "Name That Artist" and more.

A variety of music related website links.

How to Add to Weeniepedia

Using Weeniepedia. Creating and editing pages. Categorizing content. An evolving guide!

Other Wiki Building Guides