Lye Water Conversion

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Lye Water Conversion-Robert Curtis Smith
Robert Curtis Smith, speaking and guitar in dropped-D tuning

(SPOKEN) It first began when my sink stopped up, and I didn't not, wondering about how I was got to unstop that thing. And I didn't want to get a plumber to come in, because I didn't have no money, to pay for, and I decided to do it myself. And the people telling me, "Don't bother with it.", because that lye was dangerous. And I know that I had been dealing with lye for a long time. And I decided after everybody was gone, I just decided to try it. Take that lye and pour it in the sink, and let it unstop the sink. But it didn't work that way because , as I poured the lye in the sink, I was standin' there lookin' down in there, and had me some water trapped in there, somewhere--and when it hit that water, it blew up. And blew back in my face. And I was, it was, I was in trouble, because it's all in my eyes, and my mouth, and my nostrils. And, the devil tried to make me run, went out where somebody could see me, they could help me. Then, once I had run a few minutes, my flesh would have fell off my bones. And the Spirit led me to stand still, and not panic. And wait, and try to find out where my water was--I'd feel around there and find something that I could recognize. Then I know how to get to the water, and then that a-way I could wash it out.

So, that's what I did. I climbed, and went to a poles, I knew where the poles was. and I knew which way the water was from there. And I started washing, but it was so hot, just couldn't hardly sit still. Then I thought about right away, that when I was in the world, I was doin' everything, and when I stopped, decide to serve God, then, this what happen. And I told God, I say, "I stopped doin' what I was doin', and follow You, You got to save me.", cause I wanted to read the Bible and know what the word said. And at that minute, it's like a cool breeze came down over me, like a cool wind blew on me . . . and stopped that lye burnin', and point blank. And I knew, from that point, God was the powerfullest thing I had ever come in contact with in my life. And I had a aloe vera plant there. And I went and took that aloe vera plant and broke it down, squirt the juice out of it on my face, still lookin' for my skin to come off. But it didn't. It stopped burnin', and no skin come off or nothin'. And I went on with the bed, to sleep.

When I woke up, I was the same color--black (laughter)! And I went back to work that Monday, and my boss sent me back home, they wouldn't let me work 'cause my eyes was so red. Told me to go, and go to the doctor. And I called my wife, she got off of work, went to the doctor with me. And the doctor looked at my eyes, said, "This is amazing!" I said, "What's that?" He said, "The white of your eyes cooked!" He said, "But the sight ain't been took." 'Cause I asked God to spare my sight, and it was so bad, you could see the white turnin' loose from the ball, it was coming' loose from around the ball. But God, he changed all of that, and I serve Him now, with all I got. Jesus is the answer.

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