Lonesome Day Blues

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Lonesome Day Blues-Jesse James
Self-accompanied on piano

Now, today has been a long lonesome day, you hear me talkin' to you, did you hear what I say?
Lord, today has been a long old lonesome day
And now 'morra, hee, Lord, will be the same old way

I been to the Nation, 'round the territo', you hear me talkin' to you, you got to reap what you sow
I done been all through the Nation, and 'round the territo'
But I ain't found no Heaven on earth, Lord, nowhere I go

I'm going to the big house, and I don't even care, don't you hear me talkin' to you, I'm scoldin', too, my dear,
I'm going in the morning, and I don't even care
I might get four, five years, Lord, and I might get the chair

Ow, stop and listen, see tomorrow bring, you hear me talkin' 'til you start to playin'
You better stop now and listen, and see what tomorrow bring
It might bring you sunshine, Lord, and it may bring rain

Some got six months, some got a solid year, you hear me talkin' to you, buddy, what made you stop by here?
Some or 'em got six months, partner, and some got a solid year
But I believe my partner, Lord, got lifetime here


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