Knocking Down Casey Jones

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Knocking Down Casey Jones-Wilmer Watts and the Lonely Eagles
Wilmer Watts, vocal and banjo, Palmer Rhyne, guitar and back-up vocal


Come all of you rounders now, if you want to hear
This is the story 'bout the brave engineer
Casey Jones, he was a rounder's name
On a six eight-wheeler, boys, he won his fame

Caller called Casey at a half past four
Kissed his wife at the station door
Mounted to his cabin with his orders in his hand
And take a farewell trip to the Promised Land

Casey Jones, mounted to his cabin, oh and
Casey Jones, his order in his hand, oh and
Casey Jones, mounted to his cabin
He's a-gonna take a trip to the Promised Land

He looked at his watch, and the watch was slow
Looked at his water, and his water was low
Turned to his fireman and the words he said,
"We're gonna reach old Bristol but we'll all be dead."

"Let's open up your water now, and shovel in your coal
Stick your head out the window, see my drivers roll.
Run 'er, I will run her 'til she leaves the rail,
For I'm eight hours late a-with the Western mail."

Casey Jones, eight hours late, oh and
Casey Jones, with the Western mail
Casey Jones, eight hours late, but he's
Eight hours late a-with the western mail

Old Casey pulled up a-on that Reno Hill
Tooted at the crossing with an awful thrill
Switchman, he knew by the engine moan
That the man at the throttle was old Casey Jones

Old Casey pulled up in two miles of the place
Old Number 4 standing, right in the way
Turned to his fireman, said, "Old boy, you'd better jump,
For the locomotives I see going to bump."

Casey Jones, two locomotives, oh it's
Casey Jones, it's bound to bump, oh it's
Casey Jones, two locomotives, well it's
Two locomotives that are going to bump

Casey wake up one morning and it looked like rain
Around the bend old Casey pulled his train
Look in the cabin at a-Casey Jones
He's a good old rounder, but he's dead and gone

Casey Jones, good old rounder
Casey Jones, he's dead and gone, oh it's
Casey Jones, he's a good old rounder, he's a
Good old rounder but he's dead and gone

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