Hunting Blues

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Hunting Blues-Frank Stokes & Dan Sane
Stokes, D position, standard tuning, Sane, G position, standard tuning

Sayin', I went out huntin', hunted all night 'til day
Ehh, I went out huntin' until I hunted all night 'til day
When I got home, my gal was gone away

SOLO (Spoken, Stokes: You don't feel sorry when your gal go away?)

Baby, that's all right, I'll see you again
Baby, that's all right, baby, I'll see you again
(Guitar finishes verse)

SOLO: (Spoken, Stokes: You know, it was the night I had last night, makes me feel like the night gonna go good! . . . Don't be so scattered with it, Sane, you get so scattered on me now!)


Now, listen at me, baby, I been treatin' you so good and kind
Now, listen at me, babe, I been treatin' you so good and kind
Now, you mistreat me when you leave somethin' on my mind

SOLO: (Spoken, Stokes: I don't want to leave nothing hard on my mind, just so it be easy, it's all right, it's all right with me.)

SOLO: (Spoken, Stokes: Sane, it's best friendly 'til I get around fixed to go.)

Make you feel like your good gal done put you in the wrong
Now baby, almost feels like your good gal put you in the wrong
Then you can set right still, play, and begin to sing this song

SOLO: (Spoken, Stokes: Oh, just too, so rough over me!)

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