Honey Blues--Lottie Kimbrough

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Honey Blues-Lottie Kimbrough
Guitar in F position, standard tuning, banjo-mandolin

Honey, now I cry, oh, hard to sleep tonight
I'm packing my trunk and leaving town tonight

It looks mighty cloudy, say, but it ain't gon' rain
Goodbye, honey, if I don't see you again

SOLO: (Spoken, by Lottie: Step on it, Pruitt!)

My mama told me, papa told me too
"Don't let no one man make a fool of you."

By being so young, so foolish and so green
Honey, that's why you treated me so mean


Oh is you half as purty, and you ain't no hand-me-down
Don't think I'll stay and let you dog me 'round


Yes, you're three times seven and knows what you want to do
I'm leaving you now with the troubled Honey Blues

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