Head Rag Hop

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Head Rag Hop-Romeo Nelson
Romeo Nelson, piano, Tampa Red, commentary, unknown woman, commentary

PIANO SOLO (throughout)

Tampa Red: That's it, Nelson! I'm gonna take me down to this Head Rag Hop. We gonna have some fun, after all. We gonna have some fun, now!

Woman: Daddy, that make me feel so boogie-woogieish!

Tampa Red: I know it, baby. Gonna make you feel some more other way, too.

Woman: Oh, daddy, how long, how long!

Tampa Red: Won't be very long now, baby. Say, you look good over there with the black dress on. Come right over here and stand up by me, I wanta show you how to do that Head Rag Hop. Turn 'round--that's it. Now, let's get it. Shake it! Shake it fast, that's just what I'm talkin' 'bout! Baby, you's throwin' your mess now. I thought you told me, didn't know how to do that fishtail! Now, you're doin' the Head Rag Hop, now! Kinda good like that, too. Ah, somebody oughta knock a jug on this little Head Rag Hop. They oughta knock a jug sometime, look like, 'cause this . . . . Look out for the landlady, give her a break!

Woman: Daddy, how am I doin' it?

Tampa Red: Ah baby, it's tight. I don't think it could be beat! That' just what I'm talkin' 'bout. Yeah, ha! Ah, this is the way you do the boogie-woogie. Yes, that's it. Yeah, I'm tellin' you.

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