Gas Man Blues

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Gas Man Blues-Mae Glover with John Byrd
John Byrd, 12-string guitar out of G position, standard tuning
NOTE: The song begins with a spoken intro followed by singing with occasional spoken comments. Singing and speaking for the two parties are labeled, respectively, Mae for Mae Glover and John for John Byrd.

SPOKEN: Mae: Who is that?
John: Gasman, lady
Mae: Aw, pshaw, Mr. Gas Man, I ain't got no money today.
John: Very sorry, lady, but I have orders to cut your gas off today.
Mae: Not today, Mr. Gas Man, surely. How could you treat a poor gal so cruel?

SUNG: Mae: Mr. Gas Man, please don't turn my gas off today
John: Oh yes, pretty mama, got no money to pay

Mae: But the wind is blowing and the snow begins to fall (Spoken, Mae: Have a heart, man, have a heart)
John: Better git you a wood-chopper, to back up in your door

Mae: But Mr. Gas Man, this cold wind certainly will give me a chill
John: You better go to the doctor, get you a c.c. pill (Spoken, Mae: I ain't got no money, spoken, John: That's funny)

Mae: Mr. Gas Man, come into my parlor, I want to ask you to close the door
John: I've been in, pretty mama, and I won't be back no more (Spoken, Mae: If you come in this time, you'll come back some more)

Mae: Mr. Gas Man, will you please call 'round after dark?
John: If I call around, mama, will you let me park? (Spoken, Mae: If my kid man don't happen to be here, you may park)

Mae: Are you coming in, Mr. Gas Man? I want to tell you something right quick
John: Quit arguin', woman, Gas Man got nothin' that he wants fixed (Spoken, Mae: Now listen here, man)

Mae: I want to get you early at the Sunday toll
John: I can't help you woman, Gas Man got no jellyroll (Spoken, Mae: I know you ain't got no jellyroll, but your lovin' mama got all that jellyroll, and it's got sugar between it, too!)

Mae: Mr. Gas Man, you got that old hot bankroll over there in your pants, and I want some of it, too
John: I can't help you, pretty mama, the Gas Man don't take no chance (Spoken, Mae: It won't be a chance here, brother, I'm tellin' you.)

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