Freight Train Blues-Roosevelt Charles

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Freight Train Blues-Roosevelt Charles
Roosevelt Charles, vocal and Otis Webster, guitar in E position, standard tuning

I'm just an old hobo, baby, trying to hobo my way through this world
Well, I'm down on the railroad, baby, waiting for a train to come my way
Lord, I can't hear no whistle blow, deep down in my heart
I can hear that lonesome freight train bell playing
Lord, I been just setting here waiting, waiting for that old train to come by my way
Well, you know I don't have a nickel, babe, I don't have a lou-lousy dime
Well, when I first started to hoboin', oh Lord, I taken a freight train for my friend
Well, when I first started to hoboin', Lord, I taken a freight train for my friend
Well, every time a freight train whistle blow, ooo-well, Lord, it trouble me in my mind
Well, I hear my train a-comin', baby, you girl, you know that I can't be late
(Spoken: No man, you know I can't be late, go ahead on and blow that whistle now.)

GUITAR INTERLUDE (Spoken: Listen at 'im whuppin' that rail. Go on and whup the rail. He ballin' the jack, too.)

Mmmm, bye-bye, baby, I got to grab the next freight train, find me another land
Because, you know my train is runnin', baby, and I just can't be left here no more

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