Frankie and Johnny-J. Wilson

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Frankie and Johnny-J. Wilson
Sung a capella
NOTE: The recording captures the song already in progress.

you know
She paid one hundred dollars for Albert a suit of clothes
He was her man, but he done her wrong

Frankie went to the barroom, she called for a glass of beer
Said, "Friend, tell me, Mr. Bartender, have my lovin' man been here?
He's my man, and he done me wrong."

The bartender looked at Frankie, say, "I ain't gonna tell you no lie.
Your man was here 'bout an hour ago with a gal called Alice Frye."
He's my man, and he done me wrong

Frankie went out at the racetrack, she had her hat in her hand
"I'm gonna kill every woman in this town that' goin' along with my man.
He's my man, and he done her wrong."

They dusted him up awful nicely, they put him in a rubber-tire hack
They carried him out to the cemetery, but they never brought him back
He's her man, Lawd, Lawd, and she done him wrong

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