Frankie and Johnny-Carl Martin

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Frankie and Johnny-Carl Martin
Martin, mandolin in G and vocal, Johnny Young, guitar in G position, standard tuning

Frankie and Johnny were lovers, Lordy, how they could love
And they swore to be true to each other, just as true as the stars above
He was her man, but he done her wrong

Frankie went down to the barroom, get her a stein of beer
She said, "Looky-here, Mr. bartender, has my Johnny been here?
He's my man, but he's doin' me wrong."

"I ain't gonna tell you no story, ain't gonna tell you no lie.
Yes, your Johnny's down here 'bout an hour ago, with a girl he called Nellie Blye.
He's your man, yes, but he's doin' you wrong."


Frankie went down to the hardware, didn't go there for fun
Yes, she went down to that hardware to get herself a gun
To shoot her man, because he was doin' her wrong


"Well, turn me over easy, turn me over slow.
Turn me over easy, because I'm hurting so.
I'm your man, but I've done you wrong."


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