Frankie and Johnny-Bill Williams

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Frankie and Johnny-Bill Williams
G position, standard tuning


Frankie and Johnny were sweethearts, oh how they could love
Swore to be true to each other, just as true as the stars above
He was her man, but he done her wrong

Frankie and Johnny went walking, Johnny had on a brand new suit
Frankie had paid one hundred bucks to make her man look cute
He was her man, but he done her wrong


Then Johnny said, "Frankie, I'm leaving, baby, and it won't be long.
Don't you stay up, don't you wait and don't you worry while I'm gone."
I was your man, but I done you wrong

Then Frankie went down to the barroom and she called for a glass of beer
"Mister bartender, tell me, have my lovin' Johnny been here?
He was my man, but he done me wrong."

"I don't want to cause no trouble, but I ain't gon' tell you no lie.
Your man left here about an hour ago with a girl called Nellie Blye
He was your man, but he done you wrong."


Then Frankie went down to the hardware and she didn't go for fun
She laid down a twenty dollar bill for a blue steel .41
"I'm gon' kill my man, 'cause he done me wrong."

Then Frankie went down to a hotel, and she looked in the window so high
Saw her lovin' Johnny, making love to Nellie Blye
She shot her man, 'cause he done her wrong


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