Frankie and Albert-Mance Lipscomb

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Frankie and Albert-Mance Lipscomb
C position, standard tuning

Frankie was a good woman, evahbody knows
Paid forty-one dollar for Albert, a suit of clothes
"That's my man, but he done me wrong."

Frankie walked up to the bartender, called for a glass of beer
Say, "Look-a here, bartender, ain't Albert, my man been here?
That's my man, goin' to kill him, sure."

Bartender say, "Now Frankie, ain't gonna tell you no lie.
Albert left here about an hour ago with a woman called Alice S. Blye.
That's your man, but he done you wrong."

Frankie walked down the streets, weren't gone very long
Under Frankie's ap'on, lot of Colt's .41
"That's my man, goin' to kill him, sure."

When she first shot Albert, fell down to his knees
He say, "Look-a here, Frankie, spare my life if you please.
I'm your man, but I done you wrong."

"Roll me over, doctor, roll me over slow.
Where Frankie done shot me, it is killing me, sure."
I'm her man, but I done you wrong."

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