Frankie and Albert-Charlie Patton

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Frankie and Albert-Charlie Patton
E position, standard tuning

Well, Frankie went down to Albert’s house, “How late Albert’s been here?”
Oh, Albert’s sittin’ down, some cheap gal lap, buyin’ some cheap gal's beer
"Say, he was my man, but he done me wrong"

Well, Frankie, she called Albert, she called him some two, three times
Look down that road ’bout a quarter block, you mighta seen little Albert flyin’
“Say, he was my man but he done me wrong”

Well, Frankie, she was good ol’ gal that everybody know
She would pay one half a hundred for the makin’ of her man’s clothes
“Say, he was my man but he done me wrong”

Well Frankie went down to the courthouse to hear little Albert tried
Oh, Albert was convicted, Frankie hung her head and cried
“Say, he was my man but he done me wrong”

“Say you remember all last Sunday, twenty-fifth day of May
You ’buked me and you cursed me, oh baby, all that day
Say, he was my man but he done me wrong”

“Says it's some gon' give you a nickel, and it’s some gon' give you a dime
But I'm gon' give you a smilin' too, for I know you was a man of mine”
Kill her man, go kill her man

Well, Frankie went to the cemetery, fell down on her knees
"Oh Lord, will you forgive me and give my poor heart ease
Say, you was my man but you done me wrong”

Well, Frankie’s mother come runnin’, come a-whoopin’, screamin’ and cryin’
“Oh Lord, oh Lord, my only son is dyin’
She killed her man, yes she killed her man”

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