Frankie and Albert

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Frankie and Albert--Joe Callicott
G position, standard tuning

Frankie, she was a good little girl
Everybody knows
They say she spent forty-one dollars
For Albert, a suit of clothes
That's my man, he ain't a-treatin' me wrong

Albert went down to the saloon
He didn't stand in no fear
Sittin' down there, smokin' a big cigar
Womens all buyin' their beer
You is my man, now you're a-doin' me wrong

Frankie went down to the saloon
She called for a can of beer
Whispered to the party-tender
"Has my man, Albert Martin, been here?"
That's my man, he ain't a-treatin' me wrong

The party-tender told Frankie,
"Ain't a-gonna tell you no lie,
He left here just a few minutes ago
With a girl they call Alice Fly."
That's my man, now he's doin' me wrong

Frankie broke down Alice Fly's home
She didn't make no alarm
That's where she found her man Albert
Layin' in Alice's arms
You is my man, well, and you doin' me wrong

Albert told Frankie
Told her once or twice,
"If I ever catch you, myself a-checkin'
I'm surely goin' take your life."
He treated me wrong, now he's dead and gone

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