Frankie Baker-Part 1

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Frankie Baker-Part 1-Emry Arthur
G position, standard tuning

Frankie was a good woman, like everybody knows
She gave one hundred dollars, for Albert, a suit of clothes
For he's her man, her gamblin' man

That suit was in the pawn shop, before the day went by
And he went and spent that money, on a girl named Alice Frye
He done her wrong, and he didn't come home

Frankie went to the barroom, she called for a glass of beer
She asked the barroom tender, "Has Albert Jones been here?
He is my man, my gamblin' man."

"Don't you ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies."
Says, "A man left here about an hour ago with a girl named Alice Frye.
It was your man, your gamblin' man."

Frankie set down at the table, she ordered a glass of gin
She told the barroom tender, "I'm a-gonna get drunk again.
Lord, I want my man, my gamblin' man."

Frankie looked out the window, then she hung her head down low
Says, "A-give me out that .44, that's the Albert Jones I know.
He done me wrong, and he didn't come home."

Frankie left the barroom, she didn't leave there for fun
Underneath that silk kimono, she carried that .44 gun
She was looking' for her man, her gamblin' man

Frankie went down the street with a .44 in her hand
Says, "Stand back, you ladies, I'm a-lookin' for my man.
For he's my man, Lord, Lord, and he done me wrong."

Frankie went down the alley, she heard a bulldog bark
She looked and seen poor Albert, slippin' away in the dark
"There goes my man, and he done me wrong."

Poor Albert seen her coming, he started out to run
She says, "Come back to the one you love, or I'll shoot you with this gun."
She shot poor Albert, right to the ground, Lord, Lord

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