Frank Stokes' Dream

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Frank Stokes' Dream - Frank Stokes
E position

And I'm goin', I'm goin', and your cryin' won't make me stay
'Cause the more you cry, gal, the further you drive me 'way

When I leave your house, pin the black crepe on your door
Tell your man ain't dead, he ain't comin' back here no more

Ever dream that you're lucky and wake up cold in hand?
I wouldn't have-a my last dollar to give your house-rent man

Take me in your arms, rock me good and slow (2)
So you can hear them Frank Stokes blues anywhere on earth you go

SPOKEN, DURING SOLO: Ah, it's so easy to be easy when you are easy!

And I'm leavin' you, mama, this is the last time I'm ever gon' go
And I'm leavin' you, the last time I'll ever go
When the Frank Stokes blues come around I've got a place to go

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