Forty-Five Blues

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Forty-Five Blues - Funny Papa Smith
Standard tuning, C position

I feel mean and hateful, I just can't feel satisfied (x2)
I'm goin' out after my woman this mornin' and I'm takin' my '45.

My woman quit me last summer and I can't get her off my mind. (x2)
And if she don't come back this mornin', you gonna hear my '45 cryin'.

Folks I hate to be mean, but I cain't be good if I tried. (x2)
And when I call my baby this mornin', I'm callin' her with my '45.

(Now the) Police got so they 'rest me every time they catch me on the street. (x2)
And tol' me this mornin' they're gonna let me catch you on my beat.

(Now) Everybody talkin' and tellin' me why (I) don't (I) let that no good woman be. (x2)
'Cus she may show me that she didn't want me but I don't got sense enough to see.

Soon as I do what I want to do, then I'll be satisfied. (x2)
That's kill my woman and walk to the police and hand them my '45.

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