Death Bells

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Death Bells-Lightnin' Hopkins
Lightnin' Hopkins, vocal and guitar in E position, standard tuning


Sound like I can hear, this mornin', death bells ringin' all in my ear
Sound like I can hear this mornin', baby, death bells ringin' all in my ear
Yes, I know I'm gonna leave on a chariot, wonder what kind's gonna carry me from here

You know every living creeper, man, was born to die
Yeah, you know every living creeper, whoa, Lord, was born to die
Yes, but when that chariot come for you, they're gonna break, run, and try to hide


Yeah, you know my Mama told me, my Papa told me too. She says, "Someday, son, you know that chariot's comin' after you."
I been wonderin', what kind of chariot, whoa, gon' take me away from here?
Yes, you know this life I'm livin' I been livin', oh Lord, for a great many years


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