Chain Gang Blues-Riley Puckett

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Chain Gang Blues-Riley Puckett
C position, standard tuning


Late last night when I made my rounds
Spied my woman and I hunt her down
Went right home and I got my gun
Shot my woman and away I run

Got up next morning at the risin' of sun
I got up and I started to run
I made a good run, a-but I run too slow
I got overtaken down in Jericho

Standin' on the corner readin' my Daddy's will
Up stepped a man, they call him Bad Texas Bill
He said, "Mister, well ain't your name Brown?
You look like the rascal shot your woman down."

I said, "Mister, my name is Heed,
You got any papers, just read 'em to me."
He said, "Kansas City wants you under arrest.
Come on, Lee, the judge will tell you the rest."

The day I got arrested I was dressed in black
They put me on the train and they brought me back
I had no baby for to go my bail
They landed me over in that county jail

Early one mornin', 'bout half past nine
I spied that old turnkey comin' down the line
I thought I heard him when he cleared up his throat,
"Lee, get ready for that great big court."

'Bout twenty-five minutes, out stepped a man
He held a verdict in his right hand
That verdict read, "Murder, in the first degree"
I hollered, "Lordy, have mercy on me!"

I seen that old judge, when he reached for the pen
"Ninety-nine years in that Flat-top Pen.
Forty-four feet down under the ground,
Remember the night you shot your woman down?"

Me being nervous, all through the end
I seen the old judge, when he reached for the pen
I seen the judge when he reached for the pen, he said,
I don't b'lieve you'll ever kill a woman again."

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