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(Born: Nashville Tennessee, March 22 1905 - Died: Indianapolis Indiana April 29, 1935)

Leroy Carr c. 1928

Born in Nashville to John Carr and Katie Dozier Carr, Leroy Carr moved to Indianapolis at the age of five or six when his parents separated and his mother took Leroy and his sister Eva Mae to live with her relatives. Carr was relatively well educated for his day, attending PS 24 through the seventh grade. At some point in his youth, Carr ran away and joined a circus for a few weeks, but soon returned home discouraged with the menial jobs he was given there. Later he joined the army, serving at Fort Huachuca in southern Arizona. Carr's sister posessed a photograph of Carr in his army uniform holding his discharge papers. After his army tour, Carr married and worked both as a laborer and a musician around Indianapolis while raising a daughter, Marrice. He was also involved in bootlegging, and this activity let to his arrest and a short prison term.

At some point, either at or before his first recording session, for Vocalion on June 19, 1928 Leroy Carr met Francis "Scrapper" Blackwell and the two formed a lasting musical partnership. (Sources differ on the exact timing of the meeting.) Carr's first record, "How Long - How Long Blues" and "On My Own Lonesome Blues", was a major hit, and with it Carr set out on a recording career that would see him record almost 150 titles, all but 7 of them with Scrapper Blackwell. Carr Died of nephritis on April 29, 1935.


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