Cat Squirrel

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Cat Squirrel--Doctor Ross
Dr. Ross, vocal, and Spanish tuning, harmonica, drums


Well, I'm goin', Lord, I'm goin'
For to wear you off my mind
Lord, you keep me worried
Bothered all, bothered all, bothered all the

Lord, my baby, she got a way
Yes, like cat squirrel in some tree
She get up in the morning
Hawkin' that thing, hawkin' that thing, hawkin' that thing on me


Yes, I wrote, wrote her a letter
Lord, a letter just to see
Just to see how much she loved me
Little girl, little girl, little ol' girl

Well, I know she don't love me
She don't love me when I'm home
I'm gonna leave here walking
Running most, running most, running most

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