Canned Heat Blues

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Canned Heat Blues - Sloppy Henry
Accompanists unknown

I live down in the alley, full of canned heat as I can be, honey, as I can be, oh my baby
I live down in the alley full of canned heat as I can be
Look like everybody in that alley sure done got mad with me

Liza bought so much canned heat, won't sell her no more, won't sell her no more, hear me talkin'
Liza's bought so much canned heat won't sell her no more
She's got the cans and the labels layin' all around her door

Canned heat whiskey'll make you sleep all in your clothes, lay down in your clothes, hear, baby, I said
Canned heat whiskey make you sleep all in your clothes
When you wake up next morning feel like you stayed outdoors

I say, whiskey, whiskey, many folks' downfall, many folks' downfall, aahooh,
Whiskey--many folks' downfall
When I can't get my whiskey, I ain't no good at all

Walked in my room, the other night, man come in, he wanted to fight
Took my gun, my right hand, "Hold me folks, I don't want to kill no man."
When I said that, struck me 'cross my head, first shot I fired then the man fell dead, I said,
"Canned heat whiskey drove me to the county jail.
Got me layin' up on my bunk and I ain't got nobody to go my bail."

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