Can't Yo-Yo No More

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Can't Yo-Yo No More-Robert Pete Williams
E position, standard tuning

When your sow pig, please save me a spotted boar
When your sow pig, baby, please save me a spotted boar
Lord, I done lose my nature, Lord, and I can't yo-yo no more

Well, I love you woman, but I b'lieve you have drive me away
Yes, I love you, baby, but I b'lieve you're gonna drive me away
Lord, I done losed my nature, baby, and I just can't yo-yo no more

Want you run here, black woman, set down on my knee
Run here, black woman, set down on my knee
Lord, I got something to tell you, darling, make the hair rise on your head

If you love me, darlin', please show me the white of your eye
Put your arms around me, darling, just like a circle 'round the sun

Run here, woman, and tell me your downfall
Lord, look like to me, darling, somebody been doin' you wrong

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