Can't Use You No More

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Can't Use You No More-Buddy Moss
Buddy Moss, E position, standard tuning, Josh White, second guitar, E position, standard tuning


I told you, baby, when you was doin' me wrong
That someday, baby, you're gonna lose your happy home

I took your doggin', babe, for two years or more
So it's my time now, baby, baby, and you'll have to go


Says, I told, told you, baby, when you mistreated me each and every way
That the sun was gonna shine, my back door someday

I'm gonna tell, tell you somethin', baby, that I wan't you to know
Said, I'm through with you, woman, just can't use you no more

Said, the sun is shinin', in my back door today
I ain't got much money but things 'bout comin' my way


Bye-bye, baby, gonna leave you by yourself
I got me another woman you'll have find somebodys else

Because my mama, she told me, when I was a little boy, playin' mumble-peg
"Son, don't drink no black cow's milk and don't you eat no black hen's egg."

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