Boll Weevil-Irvin "Gar Mouth" Lowry

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Boll Weevil-Irvin "Gar Mouth" Lowry
Sung a capella

Mister farmer went to town, asked for meat and meal
The clerk said, "Go 'way, mister farmer, boll weevil's in your field."

Mister farmer went back home, went walkin' 'cross his fields
Says, "A-look at a poor farmer, ever make a pint of meal."

Boll weevil's taken a circle, 'way around the moon
Says, "I be back to see you, mister farmer, the twenty-fifth of June.
The twenty-fifth of June,
Says, "I'll be back to see you, mister farmer, on the twenty-fifth of June."

I was standin' on the corner, my baby come riding by
She were drinkin' bottle in bond, bottle in bond
The first thing that I knowed I was jailhouse bound
I was jailhouse bound
Lord, I was jailhouse bound and she wouldn't write to me

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