Bobbed Haired Woman Blues

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Bobbed Haired Woman Blues-Sloppy Henry
Sloppy Henry, vocal, Eddie Heywood, piano


Monday morning the poor boy made his round
Monday evening shot his bob-haired woman down
He wanted to go home, get in his bed, and put a
32.20 right under his head

Early Tuesday morning by the rising sun
Boy got up and all to make his run
He made his run and he run too slow
Then they overtaken the boy down in Jellico

Standin' on the corner, he was readin' a bill
Up stepped a man he called Tector Hill
Says to the boy, "Ain't your name Lee Brown?
Don't you 'member Monday evenin' you shot your woman down?"

"Yes, oh yes,", he says, "They call me Lee.
Got any readin's, please read it to me."
He read, "Kansas City, Kansas, you know best
Come and go with me boy, the judge'll tell you the rest."


That mornin' he's arrested, he was dressed in black
Then the high sheriff carried him back
He had nobody, now, to go his bail
They laid the poor boy, safe, over in county jail

Early that mornin', just at half past nine
He spied the jailer comin' on down the line
He heared the jailer clear up his throat,
He said, "Boy, you get ready for the justice court."

Justice court is now in hand
Introduced to the boy twelve big honest men
Jury do verdict, murder in the first degree
Then the boy cried, "Lord, do have mercy on me!"

He seed the judge pick up his pen
"I don't think you'll kill a bob-haired woman again.
Give him lifetime, pickin' up this ground."
He says, "Run and tell my Mama I'm on my last go-round."

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